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It’s sweet and simple, we love fashion. We want to create trends that are unique, hot, sleek and stylish. We won’t stop until everybody wears our designs. We have faith in what we do, and we believe you will admire what we make. mazqoty – where quality comes before price. With a team of experienced, knowledgeable, skilled designers and craftsmen & our warehouses in United States and the United Kingdom, we have thousands of happy customers all through the globe. mazqoty has achieved a distinct reputation, in manufacturing as well as retailing of customized and sewed leather jackets. Our big, dedicated manpower and all the leather outfits we have online are custom-made with focused attention given to each and every piece. Placing an order with mazqoty means that you will get the custom prepared leather jacket right from the manufacturer, no intermediary agents. In reality, your special necessities are the greatest cherished for us and are passed directly to the leather Professional stitchers.